Personalized Skincare & Beauty Services in Winooski, Vermont

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Hi there, I'm Meg Walsh, an esthetician in Winooski, Vermont. Prism Beauty is my solo esthetics practice, tucked away in a beautiful, cozy, and private space where I hope you'll feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the door.
Prism's lash and brow services are designed to enhance and emphasize what your lovely face already has to offer, not to cover up or change who you are. I've been in the beauty business for fifteen years--  the entire point of what I do is to help you love your skin, your face, and most of all, yourself.

When it comes to your skin-- it all starts with skin health and resilience. Glow and beauty go hand-in-hand with healthy skin-- it's our largest organ, not the enemy! Having your own personal skincare professional is a lot like having a personal trainer. It's usually way more effective and less frustrating than trial-and-error based on incomplete information or marketing. I'd love to help you find what works for you as an individual (whether it be facials, chemical peels, homecare, or a combination!) because it will be different for every single person and will change over time. 

10% your first visit & monthly updates!

Thanks! Talk to you soon!