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Who says you need to be fancy to have a personal esthetician?

You deserve to be nourished, protected, appreciated,

and loved.

       So does your skin!

Realistic Skincare Coaching, Custom Peels, Calming & Corrective Facials, Brow Shaping,

and Lash Lifting & Tinting in a cozy private studio in Winooski, Vermont


Skincare Guidance for Real Life

Zero shaming, zero gatekeeping BS, let's just talk about how to make your skin & you happier and healthier. We'll figure out how to use what you have already, and how to mix-and-match products from incredible independent brands to fit you and your life, as it is.

The dream is to only carry kickass women-led brands and to support small businesses owned by people of color and LGBTQ+ folks whenever possible. I love that Vermonters care about the ethical practices and environmental commitments of the brands they support. Your appointment will never be a sales-pitch. Ew.



Brow Shaping  & Tinting

Have your brows become a little too cozy with each other lately? Have they never forgiven you after the '90s? Are they are your pride & joy? Or maybe you'd like them to be less shy and pull their weight despite their stealthy blonde ways? I'd like to meet all three of you.

Lash Lifting & Tinting

Lash lifts are my favorite morning cheat code as a non-morning person. Relax for an hour with me (nap away!) and then walk around for over a month looking like you woke up and put mascara on. 

Learn more about Lash Lifts here.


Chemical Peels,
Corrective & Calming Facials

When it comes to your skin-- it all starts with skin health and resilience. Glow and beauty go hand-in-hand with healthy skin-- it's our largest organ, not the enemy! Let's make progress towards your goals and give you some well-deserved zonk-out time. 

I'm proud to be one of the first practitioners in Vermont to carry Lira Clinical peels and treatments! Lira  Clinical is based on proven science, not trends, with a firm grounding in the power of plant life and the natural world. (Seems well suited to Vermonters, right?)


Free 10-minute Facial Massage at your first service with email signup:
(I promise that I'm not organized enough to send more than one email each month. I hereby solemnly swear to never send junk, clickbait, or share your info.)

Thanks, friend!

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