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Wooo! Prism Beauty is proud to be a sponsor of 2023's Vermont Burlesque Festival! I love everything about this incredible, supportive, accepting community and can't wait to meet you.

Brow Shaping or Lash Tint with your firs
t visit!
Enter BURLESQUE in the 'Notes' field:

I'll remind myself to remind you! ;)

Where on the spectrum of Marlyn Monroe to Eugene Levy would you like to land? Let's talk brows, your look, your style, your personality-- it's your face, you get to decide what will make you feel your best. Brow shaping includes a combination of waxing and tweezing.

Set in the brow department? Lash lifting and lash tinting are some of my favorite morning cheat codes. And I've yet to meet a human being who enjoys removing mascara, why not skip it for a month?

Don't miss specials and the occasional spontaneous freebie!
(I promise that I'm not organized enough to send more than one each month. No junk or clickbait.)

Thank you!

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