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Prism Beauty's Services 
(in a nutshell)
Facials, Chemical Peels, Skincare Coaching & Guidance, Lash Lifting & Tinting, Brow Shaping & Tinting, and Facial Waxing

Prism Beauty's Services
(presented in wordy, overly detailed, ADHD glory)
  • Calming facials for skin health and relaxation -  $145 - Your mind can stop but your glow won't.

    • Book this when you have no idea what to book.
    • Healthy skin feels better to live in. Healthy skin is also really damn pretty to look at. This facial is focused on refreshing, repairing, and nourishing your skin from the neck up. It's surprising how different things can feel after only an hour.
    • All full-length facials include extractions as needed.
    • Safe, effective options for sensitive skin, those with rosacea, and during pregnancy.
  • Corrective chemical peels and clinical exfoliants - $75, $95, or $145 - Effective without being aggressive. A multitasker's dream.
    • Chemical peels don't need to be scary! The most common comment after someone's first peel appointment is along the lines of "That was easy. Why was I so nervous?"
    • There are chemical peels to suit every skin tone. That said, they are anything but one-size-fits-all. Skin with a higher density of melanin needs to be treated gently. Deeper skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation following skin trauma than lighter (less melanated) skin. Especially for folks of color, following homecare guidance and using SPF can vastly improve your results and help you avoid irritation.
    • This is not a Beauty-is-Pain kind of situation. You may feel some tingling, spiciness, warmth, or itching for a few minutes during the treatment. These sensations are not extreme, not painful, and do not typically linger.
    • You may be a bit flushed when you leave. Most people can go about the rest of their day without disruption. That said, when possible, schedule your appointment at a time that allows you to avoid excess heat, exertion, and a lot of sun exposure that day. Some peels require you to keep your skin dry until the next morning. We'll always chat about what your needs are, what to expect, and what's expected of you before starting any peel.
  • ​​In-depth Corrective Facials $195 - The perfect marriage of a traditional facial and custom chemical peel.

    • This treatment is essentially a consult, chemical peel, and facial rolled into one.
    • Especially a good choice for those battling persistent or cystic acne, hyperpigmentation or sun/age spots, post-acne scarring, or melasma.
    • Extractions are included, when necessary, in all full-length facials.

    • See more info about peels above.
  • Facial massage - $75
    • Excellent for circulation and skin health while also being a pretty effective 'off switch' for your mind. Silence your phone and your smartwatch and just exist for a few minutes. Who doesn't need that?
    • Are you clenching your jaw right now? Or furrowing your brows together? If yes, you should come to see me so I can knead some of that tension out.
    • Especially nice paired with brow shaping or upper lip waxing. Get the sting over with and immediately zonk out. See the "They go Together like PB&J" tab when booking to get $10 off your brow shaping when you bundle it with facial massage. Look for "Unfurrow" on the menu.

  • Realistic Skincare Coaching - $45 (includes approximately $30 value travel/sample products, 30-45 minutes) 

    • This stand-alone appointment includes a customized set of four starter sample products to get you started at home or to enhance your existing routine. (Approximately 2 weeks worth.)

    • Follow-up afterward is available easily via email and/or check-ins during any other treatment or service.

    • I will never understand why anyone would shame someone who's coming to them for education or guidance in their field of study and enthusiasm. Shame doesn't work and I won't use it.

    • Get comfy on the sofa, and let's come up with a care plan that you can fit into your busy life, makes sense to you, and is customized for your skin. Your face deserves more personal care than what's currently being marketed at you online or being looped on TikTok.

    • Please bring a photo or list of your current products (if you have some) so we can incorporate what you already own if it's well-suited to your skin and goals.

      • If you have a bar of Irish Spring in your shower and that's it, forgo the photo but you are still very much welcome here. Let's try to get your skin healthy with the fewest homecare steps possible. ​
      • Come in with whatever you have. It's just a friendly conversation, not a quiz on a class you haven't taken yet.
    • This appointment is never a trap or hard sales pitch- that's a point of pride for me. You are a person, not a sales target. Sales pressure feels gross from both sides and I never want anyone to feel that way here.

    • If the cost of a coaching appointment is a barrier for you, please email me about my availability for a free/by donation consult. I've been there. Let's talk!
  • Brow shaping & tinting - $20 each or $35 together
    • On a scale of Eugene Levy (full, natural, expressive) to Marilyn Monroe (arched to perfection, look gorgeous with a bare face or with full glam makeup), where would you like brows to land? It's your face and your opinion and taste matter more than anyone else's.
    • If you have no clue what the hell to ask for, no problem! I've been doing brows for 15+ years, I've got you. 
    • Dudes and nonbinary folks also deserve brow-taming if they want it! If you're a human with eyebrows, chances are some tidying up around the edges is only gonna make you even more attractive.
    • I'm a Millennial and therefore pinkie-swear to never, ever give you surprise skinny-skinny-90s-brows!
    • Waxing hurts less than most people assume it will. If you haven't done it before, I bet you can handle it. I typically do a combination of waxing, tweezing, and trimming.
    • Skincare containing retinol, retinoids, or retinal needs to be discontinued for 7 days before waxing. Medications with a sun-sensitivity warning may also make your skin vulnerable and are contraindicated. This goes for topicals like Tretinoin (Retin-A) and Adelpene (Differin) as well as some oral medications including antibiotics. Please email or text with any questions before your appointment, I prefer to play it safe and would prefer to reschedule you rather than risk your skin's health.
  • Lash lifting - $100, $115 with tint- The first service that I fell in love with, before I even became an esthetician!
    • Beautifully curled, fanned-out, and inky dark lashes straight outta bed or the shower? Yes, please.
    • How long does it last? Your lashes have their own growth cycle that we cannot change, so grow-out times will vary between people. Most of my lash-lift regulars come in every 7-9 weeks. By then, at least 2/3 of their eyelashes have been replaced with new growth and are ready to be lifted for the first time.
    • Lash lifts do not affect your eyelash follicles or the ability of your lashes to continue their healthy growth and shedding cycle. 
    • No maintenance is required. Ideally, keep your lashes dry for 24 hours post-service, but honestly, there's not a lot you can do to mess up a lash lift once it's done.
      • Exception: sleep masks. If you're a sleep mask-wearer, I suggest getting one that doesn't push your lashes down flat. Manta Sleep makes an excellent one with soft cups that don't rest against your lid.​

  • A lash lift & tint is perfect for:

    • those with imminent happy-tears in their future. Marriage-bound humans, don't hold back your tears of joy!
    • Vermonters who appreciate their eyes looking open and bright but are 0% interested in wearing makeup or looking like they're wearing makeup.
    • active people who like the look of makeup but find it impractical while at their physically demanding job, while hiking, camping, swimming, marathon training, enjoying winter sports, etc.
    • casual or daily makeup-wearers & femme folks. Skip mascara entirely or make your mascara look bonkers-good, up to you!
    • people dealing with chronic illness, vision or dexterity challenges that make applying makeup a challenge, hot-flash sufferers, and exhausted parents.
    • travelers & vacationers.

    • sirens & mermaids.
  • Eyelash tinting - $20
    • Tinting is done to both the top and bottom lashes. The bottom lashes finally get some love! Your eyes will be closed for the entire process and is not dangerous for your vision. Please disclose if you've ever had an issue with sensitivity to hair color in the past so we can do a patch sensitivity test.
    • We can only tint darker than your natural hair color. It can be customized to be anywhere on the natural hair color spectrum: light blonde-brown to copper, deep brown to black, or (my favorite) a deep glossy blue-based black. Think sequined little-black-dress black rather than old-sweats black.
    • Go to bed without struggling to remove mascara. Wake up without raccoon eyes.
    • No mascara smudges to discover in the mirror when you get home (which explain why everyone kept helpfully telling you that you looked tired all day.)

Free 10-minute Facial Massage at your first service with email signup:
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