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Prism Beauty's Service Menu a Nutshell:
Facials, Chemical Peels, Skincare Coaching & Guidance, Lash Lifting & Tinting, Brow Shaping & Tinting, and Facial Waxing

=For more information about pricing and combination packages, click here.
Skin Treatments include:
  • Relaxation and calming facials -- your mind can stop for a break but your glow certainly won't! 
  • Corrective chemical peels and exfoliants that are effective without being aggressive. (Chemical peels don't need to be scary!)
  • ​​In-depth corrective facials - the perfect marriage of a traditional facial combined with custom chemical exfoliant(s) to make big strides toward your goals.
  • Facial massage is excellent for circulation and skin health while also being a pretty effective 'off switch' for your mind. Who doesn't need that sometimes? Especially nice paired with a brow shaping or facial waxing. Get the sting over with and then zonk right out.
  • Realistic Skincare Coaching - get comfy on my sofa, and let's come up with a care plan that you can fit into your busy life, makes sense to you (I'm an over-explainer!), and is customized for your skin. Your face deserves more personal care than what's currently being marketed at you online or blowing up on TikTok. Please bring a photo or list of your current products so we can incorporate what you own that is already well-suited to your goals.​
    • This appointment is never a trap or hard sales pitch- I genuinely would love to talk with you about your skin goals.​
    • Includes a set of four starter products (approximately 2-3 weeks worth) to get you started or to enhance your existing routine to work better for you. 
Beauty Services include:
  • Brow shaping & tinting can do so much for framing your peepers and defining your features. On a scale of Eugene Levy to Marilyn Monroe, where would you like yours to land? It's your face and your opinion and taste matter more than anyone else's. Bring me your bushiest grown-out brows, your I-survived-the-'90s-but-my-brows-didn't brows, and everything in between.
  • Lash lifting & tinting is the first service that I fell in love with before I even became an esthetician! Beautifully curled, fanned-out, and inky dark lashes straight outta bed or the shower? For up to eight weeks? Yes, please.
    • No maintenance is required. This service is as perfect for the outdoorsiest of Vermonters who appreciate their eyes looking open and bright but are 0% interested in makeup wearing, to the polished daily makeup-wearer (either skip mascara or make your mascara look bonkers-good).
    • Plus, happy-tear-proof lashes for weddings, sweatproof and ski-mask-proof for the rest of what Vermont throws our way.
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